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How we evaluate

We review apps against rating criteria developed by experts in the field. Some of those criteria are:



We look at the research supporting the technology and the credibility of the development process.



We review privacy policies to see if key pieces of information about what happens with entered data are addressed.


User Experience

We explore how fun, functional, easy-to-use, engaging, and interesting the technology is.


Professional Reviews

A professional in a relevant field downloads and uses the technology and writes a narrative review, highlighting pros & cons and some recommendations for use.

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Understanding Mental Health

These resources aim to help you learn more about common mental health problems.

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Managing Mental Health

Learn more about treatments, supports, and resources to help you manage your mental health.

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Technology and Mental Health

There are many supports out there for mental health, and just some of them involve technology. Learn more about what mental health technologies are, and how they may be able to help.

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We exist to help you find apps that put your mental health first.

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One Mind Psyberguide Update
Thank you for your interest in One Mind PsyberGuide. Due to a loss of funding, we are no longer updating or maintaining the One Mind PsyberGuide website. Reviews have been updated as of the last date indicated on each review. Other activities at One Mind PsyberGuide stopped in June 2023. We hope this website can still serve as a resource for those interested in using technology to support people and their mental health. We thank everyone for their support of One Mind PsyberGuide over the years.