One Mind PsyberGuide’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up of nine of the world’s top brain scientists. These leading brain scientists perform pioneering research in their fields, giving them unique perspectives on the state of the science and where it should go.

Adam Powell, Ph.D


Payer and Provider

Sabine Wilhelm, Ph.D

Chief of Psychology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Harvard Medical School

David Mohr, Ph.D

Director, Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies

Northwestern University

Leanne Williams, Ph.D

Director, PanLab for Precision Psychiatry and Translational Neuroscience

Stanford University

Til Wykes, Ph.D

Vice Dean, Division of Psychology & Systems Sciences

King's College, London

Josef Ruzek, Ph.D

Director, Center for m2Health

Palo Alto University, Stanford University

Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D

Director, BRiTE Center

University of Washington