We had a fantastic panel this morning, focusing on the very important issues of Data Security and Industry Efficacy Standards. By all reports it was a resounding success and all of us on the panel fielded some great questions and received very positive feedback. I was thrilled to see the interest that the industry has in consumer issues, particularly in the general commitment to making safe and effective products that consumer can rely upon.

The idea of industry-wide standards for efficacy became the highlight of the panel, and PsyberGuide’s position bridging both industry and consumer groups got both the panel’s and the audience’s attention. Here is my take: while the field is eager for general standards and guidelines, there are a lot of issues regarding usability, dissemination, top-down regulation that need to be ironed-out. For example, while a variety of developers are working with the FDA to establish the validity of their claims, there was consensus that a specialized third-party certification may be necessary to evaluate products that don’t necessarily claim to cure specific diseases. This was only one of the complex issues that we discussed this morning, and I look forward to bringing PsyberGuide further into this conversation as it develops.