As ESCoNS 2015 winds down, it is time to step back and assess what I will be taking home with me. With a serious h/t to Zack Lynch, Adam Gazzaley, Sophia Vinogradov, and Mor Nahum, I want to thank everyone who worked together to make ESCoNS 2015 happen. This was a great conference, and I am looking forward to the next one. My experience was leaps and bounds above what I expected, hopefully some new collaborations are in the works, and some great ideas were shared.

I am walking away with a new appreciation for the readiness of the neurogaming industry for standards and guidelines that will serve consumers and regulators. There was a real eagerness to provide confidence to potential consumers and grow the field through responsible action and high-quality products. This can only be good news for those who think they have a problem and would like to try an eMental Health program: developers’ willingness to submit to third-party certification means that consumers can expect excellence and transparency.

It was gratifying to learn that the mission of PsyberGuide is already such an integral piece of the industry’s overall vision, and many were excited that we are already working to bring eMental Health down to a level that is accessible to everyone, and where consumers are empowered to become informed and make the best possible choices for their needs. Check back with us frequently as we continue to expand our database, develop collaborative partnerships, and push the field to new heights.