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5.00 / 5.00

Overall Score: 11/11

Proposed Goal: 2/2
Evidence Based Content: 1/1
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Research on Development Process: 1/1
Efficacy of Other Products: 1/1
Research Independence and Review: 2/2
Research Base: 3/3

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Rating Date: August 2020

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User Experince

User Experience

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Not Yet Available

Beating the Blues is an online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based program aimed to help users manage their mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Beating the Blues is an 8-12 week program and includes of 8 sessions with each session having 3-4 modules that take 10-15 minutes each. In each of these modules, users can expect a combination of both cognitive and behavioral components such as having assigned reading material, hands-on activities, projects, and more. Beating the Blues can be purchased online for £59.95 through their website.

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Technical Details

Available for: Web
Developer: 365 Health Solutions Ltd
Type of Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Principles, Psychoeducation & Information
Targeted Conditions: Mood Disorders, Stress and Anxiety
Target Audience: Not Specified
Designed to be used in conjunction with a professional? No
Languages Available: English
Cost: Payment Required
Get it on:  Web

Research on this App

In one research study, 176 participants with anxiety and/or depression and were not receiving counseling or any other mental health treatment were randomized to either receive medicine or not as well as be part of a treatment as usual group (control) or take part in the Beating the Blues program (intervention) for 2 months. All participants completed the Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory and Work and Social Adjustment Scale five times – prior to treatment, 2 months later, and at 1, 3, and 6 month follow-up. Participants in the intervention group showed significantly greater improvements in their depression and anxiety levels compared to those in the control group by the end of their treatment (2 months) as well as the 6 month follow up. Participants who had reduced symptoms in their anxiety and depression had greater adjustments in their work and social life. (Proudfoot, J., Goldberg, D., Mann, A., Everitt, B., Marks, I. & Gray, J. (2003).

In another research study, 107 participants with anxiety and/or depression were randomized to receive medicine or not on top of being part of either a treatment as usual (control) group or take part in the Beating the Blues program (intervention) on top of the 176 participants previously recruited from the first randomized control trial. Similar to the first study, those who took part in the Beating the Blues intervention and who did not receive medication had improvements in their depressive symptoms, work and social adjustment, and negative attributional style. When it came to anxiety and positive attributional style, the more severe a participant’s anxiety was, the greater the benefits the Beating the Blues intervention had on their anxiety level. Additionally, the Beating the Blues intervention group led to greater satisfaction from participants in terms of treatment. (Proudfoot, J., Ryden, C., Everitt, B., Shapiro, D., Goldberg, D., Mann, A., Tylee, A., Marks, I., & Gray, J. (2004). (PDF:

Beating the Blues published a study 2003 outlining the development of Beating the Blues. (Proudfoot, J., Swain, S., Widmer, S., Watkins, E., Goldberg, D., Marks, I., … & Gray, J. A. 2003.

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