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4.67 / 5.00

Overall Score: 14/15

Consumer Ratings: 1/2
Clarity of Purpose: 2/2
Mechanism of Action: 1/1
Software Updates: 2/2
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Research on Development Process: 1/1
Efficacy of Other Products: 1/1
Research Independence and Review: 2/2
Research Base: 3/3

Rating Date: June 2022

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DynamiCare is a digital care program that aims to help users overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Users are able to connect with a certified Recovery Coach for guidance, resource navigation, and help with setting achievable goals. Coaches are available through messaging, phone, and video. The app also contains a library of over 90 self-paced lessons that teach users about coping with triggers, managing stress, and showing gratitude. Other program features include at-home saliva- and breath-based tests to help users monitor progress, as well as online recovery support meetings hosted by allies and peers in recovery. Users are also able to earn up to $100/month as immediate financial rewards for engaging in recovery behaviors. DynamiCare is available through employers and also direct to consumers for a monthly fee.

Technical Details

Developer: Dynamicare Health
Languages: English
Pricing Structure: Based on utilization. $290 per engaged member per month, which includes weekly telehealth coaching, substance testing equipment, technology, and support. Financial incentives are charged separately, $100/mo. recommended for members to earn for achieving substance use health goals.
Report Frequency: Monthly
Report Format: Emailed Report
Report Includes: Engagement, Outcomes
Connects To: EAP, Healthcare Provider, Referrals, Family, Social
Tech Support: Email, Phone, Chat
Compliance: Collects Identifiable Data, Data Deletion Upon Request, Uses Third Party Sharing, HIPAA Compliant, 42 CFR Compliant

Available for: iPhone Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Android 5.1 and up. Web
Developer: DynamiCare Health, Inc.
Type of Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Principles, Connect to a Provider, Gratitude, Psychoeducation & Information, Symptom Tracking/Self-Monitoring
Targeted Conditions: Substance Use or Addiction
Target Audience: Adults
Designed to be used in conjunction with a professional? No
Languages Available: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Cost: Free through employer
Get it on: Apple App Store, Google Play, Web

Research on this App

One study evaluated clinical outcomes associated with DynamiCare in an inner-city outpatient clinic. Participants included 85 adults with opioid use disorder who used DynamiCare services for four months. They were retrospectively compared to matched controls who received services at the same time, from the same provider at a similar, nearby clinic in the same city. The results showed that participants in the DynamiCare group showed significantly higher rates of counseling appointment attendance in study months 2 to 4 (9.6%–18.0% increases) and an odds ratio of 4.84 for increased proportion of urine samples consistent with drug abstinence and adherence to prescribed medication, compared to controls at 120 days (P < 0.05) (DeFulio et al., 2021)

Another study evaluated the effects of the DynamiCare app in opioid use disorder (OUD) patients who had concurrent stimulant use disorder. Participants included 124 patients, who either received the DynamiCare intervention or were matched controls (i.e., DynamiCare participants were retrospectively matched, blind as to outcomes, to control patients at another clinic in the same city that did not offer the DynamiCare intervention). Drug use and clinic attendance outcomes were compared between the two groups in four consecutive 30-day blocks. The results showed that the DynamiCare intervention group showed consistently higher rates of drug abstinence and clinic attendance, which were significant at the latter two timepoints. (DeFulio, Furgeson, Brown, & Ryan, 2021)

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