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1.33 / 5.00

Overall Score: 4/15

Consumer Ratings: 1/2
Clarity of Purpose: 1/2
Mechanism of Action: 1/1
Software Updates: 0/2
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Research on Development Process: 0/1
Efficacy of Other Products: 0/1
Research Independence and Review: 0/2
Research Base: 0/3

Rating Date: February 2022

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User Experience

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Professional Review

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iPromptU is a free app that can serve as a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) homework tool. This app is designed to be used with the guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist or mental health professional. The app displays a series of questions that are customizable by the therapist or user (e.g., “what is the strongest emotion or feeling you are experiencing right now?”, “what does that emotion make you feel like doing?”). It then prompts the user to write or dictate their answers. These responses are saved so that the user can email them directly to their therapists. Prompting can be set up to occur immediately, randomly, or at fixed time intervals.

Technical Details

Available for: iPhone Requires iOS 12.1 or later. Android 4.1 and up
Developer: Cognitive Behavioral Institute of Albuquerque, LLC
Type of Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Principles
Targeted Conditions: Not Specified
Target Audience: Adults
Designed to be used in conjunction with a professional? Required
Languages Available: English, Spanish
Cost: Free
Get it on: Apple App Store, Google Play, Web

Research on this App

There is no direct scientific research on the effectiveness of iPromptU

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