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Remente – Self Improvement Review

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3.33 / 5.00

Overall Score: 10/15

Consumer Ratings: 2/2
Proposed Goal: 2/2
Evidence-Based Content: 1/1
Software Updates: 2/2
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Research on Development Process: 1/1
Efficacy of Other Products: 0/1
Research Independence and Review: 1/2
Research Base: 0/3

Rating Date: November 2022

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User Experince

User Experience

4.01 / 5.00

Engagement: 3.75 Functionality: 4.13 Aesthetics: 4.33 Information: 3.84 Subjective quality score: 3.94 Perceived impact score: 3.88 Rating date: December 2019 Rated by: UQueensland

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Professional Reviews

Professional Review

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Remente is a self-monitoring and goal setting app where users can track progress in social, romantic, physical, professional, personal, familial, recreational, and financial aspects of life. Users rank each of these areas from 1 (not satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied). Users can create their own goals or use a goal curated by Remente (e.g., 10,000 Steps a day, Read a book in 7 days). Selected goals and steps for the goal are added to the user’s to do list on the “Plan your day” page. The resources tab offers tips and educational information on goals and personal development. Additional features include a mood tracking feature where the user rates their mood using emojis and notes why they are feeling a certain way, a journaling feature, and the ability to see an overview of the user’s tracked activities. The paid version of Remente unlocks unlimited entries ($70 per year, $12/mo, $$150 lifetime)

Technical Details

Available for: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires Android 5.0 and up. Available on the Web.
Developer: Remente AB
Type of Treatment: Mindfulness, Symptom Tracking/Self-Monitoring, Psychoeducation & Information, Productivity, Gratitude
Targeted Conditions: Mood Disorders, Stress and Anxiety, Sleep
Target Audience: Not Specified
Designed to be used in conjunction with a professional? No
Languages Available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Cost: Free with in-app purchases
Get it On: Apple App Store, Google Play, Web

Research on this App

In a study published in 2019, Remente’s usefulness in an educational environment was studied, with Chalmers University of Technology as a case study. Mix-methods were used, including a literature review, market analysis, customer needs assessment, and product-market fit analysis. The purpose of the study was to assess areas of need from Chalmers University, and Remente’s ability to fulfill those needs. (Folke & Nylander. 2019.

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