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RR: Eating Disorder Management Review

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4.33 / 5.00

Overall Score: 13/15

Consumer Ratings: 2/2
Proposed Goal: 2/2
Evidence Based Content: 1/1
Software Updates: 1/2
Clinical Input in Development: 1/1
Research on Development Process: 1/1
Efficacy of Other Products: 1/1
Research Independence and Review: 2/2
Research Base: 2/3

Rating Date: November 2022

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User Experince

User Experience

2.90 / 5.00

Engagement: 3.45 Functionality: 2.83 Aesthetics: 2.22 Information: 3.11 Subjective quality score: 2.42 Perceived impact score: 2.56 Rating date: February, 2019 Rated by: PsyberGuide

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Overall Score: Unacceptable

Does the app have a privacy policy?: Yes

Does the privacy policy describe the information storage and sharing procedures related to user entered information, OR state that user information is stored locally?: Yes

Does the privacy policy state that the app/server encrypts/de-identifies the entered data OR state that user information is stored locally?: No/Can’t Tell

Does the app provide the option of a pin entry or log-in process to view and enter user data?: Yes

Does the privacy policy state whether or not users can use the app WITHOUT entering identifiable information, OR state that user information is stored locally?: Yes

Does the privacy policy state whether or not users can delete entered information OR state that user information is stored locally?: Yes

Does the privacy policy state whether or not users can edit entered information OR state that user information is stored locally?: Yes

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Professional Reviews

Professional Review

Not Yet Available

RR: Eating Disorder Management is designed to aid recovery from eating disorders using techniques rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is also intended for people with general eating, weight and shape concerns. The home screen invites users to “Log a Meal” or “Check In” more generally. The “Log” feature encourages users to log their meals and snacks throughout the day, as well as the thoughts and feelings associated with them. The “Check In” feature allows users to log a thought, feeling, behavior, or set a goal. RR: Eating Disorder Management also provides a “Clinician Connect” feature, that allows users to share their RR entries with a Clinician who uses the Clinician version of the RR: Eating Disorder Management app. The app allows a variety of customization options, including background images, custom music, and custom meditations. Clinicians who are connected with their clients on RR can create and monitor client users’ goals and respond to entries, if desired. Finally, the app provides options and collections of coping skills.

Technical Details

Available For: Requires iOS 9.0 and watchOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad,
and iPod touch; Requires Android 5.0 and up
Developer: Recovery Record, Inc
Type of Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Principles, Symptom Tracking/Self-Monitoring
Targeted Conditions: Eating Disorders
Target Audience: Not Specified
Designed to be used in conjunction with a professional? Recommended
Languages Available: English, Danish, German
Cost: Free
Get it on: Google Play, Apple App Store

Research on this App

A case report on Recovery Record describes 1) the development and refinement of the app, 2) the characteristics of users and 3) some feasibility and utilization data (Tregarthen, Lock & Darcy, 2015). The app demonstrated population-level utilization with over 100,000 users over a two-year period. Almost 50% percent of users stated that they are not currently receiving clinical treatment and 33% reported they had not told anyone about their eating disorder. A surprising number of people with severe problems were using the app. (Paper 5)

A review paper by Juarascio and colleagues (2015) reviewed existing apps for Eating Disorders to review their features and their evidence-based content. The paper noted that Recovery Record is the most comprehensive ED treatment app that exists to date, with a range of relevant features and empirically supported content. (Paper 1)

In a pilot study of Recovery Record, 189 individuals pilot-tested the app, 133 completed the required components of the pilot-test over an 8-day period. Of these, 64 individuals (49%) completed an exit survey pertaining to acceptability. Study participants rated the app as highly suitable and acceptable, suggesting the feasibility and appropriateness of the program (Paik Kim et al., 2018). (Paper 2)

A study evaluated whether the users of the app could cluster users into clinically meaningful groups. Participants were 1,280 app users (91.3% female; mean age 27) who reported not being in a weekly treatment for their ED. Analysis distinguished five groups of participants, all approximating DSM-5 ED categories. Findings suggest that app users resemble known patient classifications (Sadeh-Sharvit et al., 2018). (Paper 3)

In an RCT, participants who had eating disorder symptoms were randomized to receive either a standard, cognitive behavioral therapy–based version of the app or a tailored version that included algorithmically determined clinical content aligned with baseline and evolving user eating disorder symptom profiles. Both study groups achieved significant overall outcome improvement. There were no statistically significant differences between randomized groups for continuous outcomes, but a pattern of improvement being greater in the tailored group was evident. The rate of remission on the EDE-Q at 8 weeks was significantly greater in the group receiving the tailored version. (Paper 4)

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