Abilto is a company that connects therapists trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions. The goal is to improve the outcome in problems such as heart disease, diabetes, pain, cancer, post-partum conditions, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bereavement, by focusing on the emotional components of these conditions, which may include depression, anxiety or stress. The company has been able to show that their program results in reduced hospital admissions, length of hospital stay and medical costs.

Abilto’s customers are health insurance plans and employers. Individual patients must work through one of these entities in order to gain access to Abilto. Once a patient is enrolled, they participate in an 8- week course of specialized cognitive behavioral therapy delivered by licensed clinical social workers by phone or video chat. They have a team of providers covering all 50 states.

Abilto is one of the growing numbers of companies offering a form of telepsychiatry or teletherapy and is not a self-directed computer assisted therapeutic technique. We have so far not reviewed teletherapy companies on PsyberGuide but we are interested in hearing from anyone who has participated with their services. Please contact us or leave a comment.