What is a Credibility rating?

PsyberGuide rates the research and support basis backing the product on the following subscales. Scores are represented on a 5-point scale to allow comparison across metrics (e.g. User Experience).

Research Base

Total points:  3

  • 3 points: Strong research support for the product
     At least two good between-group design experiments must demonstrate efficacy in terms of superiority to placebo or other treatment, equivalence to already established treatment or a large series of single-case design experiments must demonstrate efficacy, sample must be clearly defined and appropriate
  • 2 points: Some good research on the product
    Two experiments that show experiment is superior to waitlist control or one experiment that meets 3 point criteria
  • 1 point: Low quality research on the product
    Single case designs or other quasi-experimental methods demonstrating efficacy
  • 0 points: No research

Research Funding

Total points:  2

  • 2 points: At least one research paper funded by government agency (e.g. NIH) or non-profit organization
  • 1 point: All research funded primarily by for-profit organizations or combined funding sources
  • 0 points: No information about source of funding for the research

Proposed Intervention

Total points:  3

  • 3 points: The application is designed to improve a specific condition or symptom
  • 2 points: The application is designed to help with non-specific items such as “mood” or “brain fitness” 
  • 1 point: The application is designed to track and monitor items such as symptom severity or medication compliance
  • 0 points: The application does not have a proposed purposed or mechanism of action.

Consumer Ratings

Total points:  3

  • 3 points: ratings exist from >1500 users
  • 2 points: ratings exist from 101-1500 users
  • 1 point: fewer than 100 user ratings
  • 0 points: No user ratings

Clinical Input in Development

Total points:  1

  • 1 point: Developer has an advisory board with clinical thought leader input

Software Support

Total points:  2

  • 2 points: The application has been revised within the last 6 months
  • 1 points: The application has been revised within the last 12 months
One Mind Psyberguide Update
Thank you for your interest in One Mind PsyberGuide. Due to a loss of funding, we are no longer updating or maintaining the One Mind PsyberGuide website. Reviews have been updated as of the last date indicated on each review. Other activities at One Mind PsyberGuide stopped in June 2023. We hope this website can still serve as a resource for those interested in using technology to support people and their mental health. We thank everyone for their support of One Mind PsyberGuide over the years.