The third day here at the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society (ESCoNS) conference and expo promises to be exciting for me and PsyberGuide, as I will be on stage for a panel at 11:30 discussing Data Security and Efficacy Standards (translation: Will your data be safe, and can it be used to help you?). I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on these issues, as well as putting PsyberGuide on the map in the eMental Health marketplace.

The discussion so far this morning has been focused on the ideas of consumer immersion and social media integration. The keynote presented the possibilities of the “metaverse,” a term for virtual worlds as exemplified in products like Second Life. “Immersion” is the potential for augmented reality devices (VR headsets, wearable EEGs, Oculus Rift, etc.) to draw users deeper into these virtual spaces even as they remain engaged with the real world. Allowing consumers to interact with each other as they inhabit virtual spaces can allow a great expansion of the contexts within which educational or therapeutic interventions can be applied, and may provide a venue for whole new categories of neurotherapeutics. Stay tuned!