As the largest gathering of scientists and researchers in the field of Neurogaming, PsyberGuide is thrilled to attend the third Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society (ESCoNS) summit and conference! Meeting this year in San Francisco, ESCoNS is the premier gathering of movers and shakers in the eMental Health industry and provides a venue for sharing ideas and advancing the field. Organized by Sohpia Vinogradov, MD, Adam Gazzaley, MD, Mor Nahum, PhD, and George Rose, visit the ESCoNS site to get the full details.
I will be sitting on a panel on the second day of the conference (Thursday, May 7, 11:30-12:15) alongside Ariel Garten of Interaxon, Cori Lathan of AnthroTronix, Eddie Martucci of Akili Interactive, John Reppas of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization, and moderated by Tracey Lien of the LA Times. We will be discussing data security for new devices and the issue of efficacy standards across the industry. With our unique perspective on the eMental Health field, the PsyberGuide team is eager to foster a dialogue about these complicated questions. We will also be blogging throughout the conference, so please check back frequently to stay up to date.