If you are a researcher who has worked on cognitive problems in mental or neurological illnesses, we would invite you to contact us and to consider an ongoing collaboration.

As you know, many products are beginning to enter the market without having been subjected to controlled research regarding effectiveness and relevance to daily functioning.  We have begun our work by collecting survey data from certain experts that have published papers on the products we have listed and summarizing these data on our website.  If you have experience in this area,  please contact us to give us feedback or to fill out the survey


We hope that you will find our website useful in helping your clients make decisions about purchasing or using any of the products that we have listed.

In later editions of this site, we plan to collect survey data from practitioners who have experience with these products. If you would be willing to provide such data, or have feedback about how we may improve our services, please contact us.

Research sources

We list current research articles on each product page.  The research articles and other resources are listed here.  If you know of any additional research or resources that should be included, please contact us.