In collaboration with our friends at the Connected Learning Lab we’ve just published a new report, “Digital Tools and Solutions for Teen Mental Health.” Also known as One Mind PsyberGuide (OMPG) Teen App Guide, this report is intended for parents and caregivers, families with teens, and mental health professionals and researchers who work with teens.

What’s Inside?
Fifty-seven pages of information and data to better comprehend and support teen mental health with the help of digital tools. Some points discussed in the report include:

-Data on the current state of teen mental health, including interview excerpts from teens

-Detailed product reviews of 19 digital tools and solutions for teen mental health

-Interview excerpts from Mental Health Professionals and App Developers

-Resources & FAQS for Families, Parents, Caregivers, and Teens

-Resources for Mental Health Professionals, including a comprehensive guide on how to introduce mental health apps to teens

Who is the report intended for?

-Families, Parents, Caregivers, and Teens

-Mental Health Professionals

-Mental Health Researchers and App Developers

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Authors: Martha Neary, Kris Tran, Hutton Grabiel, John Bunyi, and Stephen M. Schueller