Packs are series of meditation tracks, designed to be completed consecutively. Most packs contain 10 sessions, with some consisting of 30. Packs are grouped by the following themes; foundation, health, brave, happiness, work & performance, students, sport, and Headspace Pro.

Singles are one-off sessions designed to be used in isolation, rather than as part of series of tracks. There are singles on a range of topics applicable to everyday life; for example Goodnight (sleeping, end of day, falling back to sleep), Anxious Moments (interviews, fear of flying, difficult conversations) and Walking (in your home, parks & nature). There are four SOS singles, which are designed to be used when users are feeling overwhelmed by mood, anxiety, anger of frustration. There are also guided and unguided singles, the difference being that in unguided meditations, there isn’t a voice to guide the user or prompt them to bring their thoughts back to focus.

The streak feature records the number of days you have meditated in a row. Going for a streak can be a good way to sustain motivation, especially for users who like tracking and seeing progress in a very tangible way.

The Buddy system allows you to connect with friends. Users can add up to five buddies. You and your buddies can monitor eachother’s progress and view stats on their total time meditated, sessions completed, average duration, and last time meditated. You can give your buddies a ‘nudge’ via email or text, to encourage them to keep going. You can invite buddies to connect either by email address or by selecting people from contacts, in Profile > Add A Buddy.

The Foundation packs are designed to introduce users to mindfulness meditation and get used to the Headspace style of teaching. There are three foundation packs, each with 10 sessions of 10-20 minutes. The app allows you to progress to other packs before completing Foundation levels, but it’s recommended to complete all three levels before exploring the other Headspace packs.