You might already use apps to help you in many ways: to help you get from place to place, to connect and share things with friends, or to remind you to do important things like wake up and when you’re meeting up with a friend. But you may not be aware that there are thousands of apps out there that focus on mental health. As technology continues to grow, we are offered more and more opportunities to use digital tools to help us manage our health. Lots of mental health apps are available for download today, which aim to help people understand and manage their mental health or wellness. 

People may use mental health apps to help their overall well-being, for example by managing stress levels with a meditation app, or tracking their mood with a daily tracker app. People may also use mental health apps to help them manage mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Importantly, these apps are not intended to replace professional help, and you should always speak to a professional if you need support with your mental health. Apps can be used along with other treatments or in connection with your healthcare provider or therapist. 

Mental health apps have a number of advantages:

–  They are generally low cost, and there are many free options available, making them a cost-effective way of managing mental health

–  They can be used “on the go” and users can enter data in real-time

–  They can help overcome entry and access barriers with traditional treatments

–  Some apps offer novel and fun ways to manage mental health, for example, apps with games

Recent estimates suggest that anywhere between 10,000 and 150,000 mental health apps exist today. So with such a huge number of apps to choose from – how do we separate the good from the bad? We’re here to help. One Mind PsyberGuide provides unbiased reviews of mental health apps to help you choose the app that’s right for you. Start on our App Guide, where you can filter apps based on the conditions and treatment types you’re interested in.

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