PTSD Hub is designed for users experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its symptoms. The app contains information on PTSD, coping skills, and crisis resources.


STAIR Coach is intended to supplement therapy that uses Skills Training in Affective & Interpersonal Regulation (STAIR) techniques. The app focuses on addressing PTSD and trauma.

CPT Coach

This app is a companion app designed to be used for clients undergoing Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). Although CPT Coach can be used be a broad audience, it was designed for veterans and examples and scenarios may be specific to veterans.


Bust PTSD aims to help users manage symptoms of PTSD. The app provides guided grounding and sensation recognition exercises and symptom tracking.


LifeArmor aims to provide information, assessment, and self-management tools for those in the military community. There are 16 topics for the user to choose from, ranging between Anger, Family with Kids, and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.


iChill is an app designed to educate the user on effects of stress on the body, as well as teach core skills to employ while experiencing stress or after a distressing event.