PsyberGuide tracks and rates mental health apps on its main product listing. There are also many new technologies that may have applications in mental health that are not strictly apps. Here are some of the existing and emerging technologies:


The wearables market includes any devices that are worn on the body and collect or display data, such as smartwatches, EEG monitors, or other small measuring devices. Industry estimates for sales of wearables in the next year are in the range of 50 to 100 million items.

Emotion tracking

Microsoft is studying devices that track emotions. Their VIBE unit is conducting research with Mary Czerwinski, Ashish Kapoor, Asta Roseway, Paul Johns, and Scott Saponas.


Muse is a headband designed to sense the electrical rhythms of the brain. It is combined with a smartphone app to give real-time information about achieving a calm state.
More information on Muse.


MyBivy is a smartwatch app created for military veterans with PTSD who have night terrors and other sleep difficulties. It collects data regarding various body rhythms during sleep, and allows for optional communication of these data to VA doctors.
More information on MyBivy and how to get it


pplkpr is designed to advise the user on which relationships with other people are the most positive. It is a smartphone app combined with a wristband, that uses GPS and heart rate variability, plus data input by the user, to track trends and which social relationships appear to have the most positive effect.
More information on the company site.


Spire is a small wearable that measures respiration and warns the user when stress levels are going up.
More information on the company site.


Thync is a small wearable device for the forehead, designed to simulate nerves that signal areas in the brain for increased feelings of well-being.
More information on the company site.

Video games

Attention control training games

Attention control training games are being tested for their effect on PTSD. See this report from the National Institute of Mental Health.


Hellblade combines a state-of-the-art cinematic video game with a protagonist who deals with anxiety and depression.
More about Hellblade.

Integrated cognitive remediation


CETCLEVELAND is a community-based form of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy, for use in treating schizophrenia and similar disorders in mental health treatment centers.
More information on the company site.


NEAR is a methodology for training mental health centers to use computer based cognitive remediation programs in the treatment of people with persistent mental illnesses.
More information on NEAR.


PSSCogRehab is software with modules designed to improve cognitive deficits, which is designed to be incorporated within larger mental health treatment centers.
More information on PSSCogRehab

On-line therapies

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is an on-line site that allows people with mental health issues to make and share posts anonymously, with guidance from trained professionals. It was developed in the UK in 2007 and is endorsed by the National Health Service. It began operations in the U.S. in 2014.
More information on the company site.


Healios is a UK company that provides an on-line psychoeducation program for those caring for people with psychosis.
More information on the company site.


Joyable offers web-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with trained therapists for Social Anxiety Disorder.
More information on Joyable

Talk Space

TalkSpace offers online therapy with licensed psychotherapists, including online chat and messaging.
More information on the company site.

Workit Health

Workit Health is a web-based program designed to provide a comprehensive addiction recovery service to individuals experiencing problems with substance abuse, gambling problems, or other addictive behaviors.
More information on Workit Health

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is a website and app for mobile devices that allows users to chat with a trained “active listener” who can provide emotional support.
More information on 7 Cups of Tea

Supports for mental health providers and patients

Common Ground

Common Ground is a web-based application that provides a way for people to organize their health information and questions before meeting with their psychiatrists to maximize the effectiveness of their in-person time.
More information on the company site.

Facial expression analysis

Research into digital analysis of facial expressions is being studied to predict schizophrenia. See the work of Louis-Philippe Morency at Carnegie Mellon.


Medisafe is an app to help individuals manage their medication regimen. Designed for all types of medication (including, but not limited to, those prescribed for psychiatric disorders), Medisafe provides tools for remembering and tracking dosages, and can even give reminders when refills are needed. The app also contains information about medications and diagnoses and links to further resources. With medication compliance representing a serious barrier to effective medical care, Medisafe may be an important addition to any illness management program.
Available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon


Reachout is a forum for individuals struggling with severe physical and/or mental illnesses to provide support and information to each other.
More information about Reachout

Speech analysis

A new study in Nature describes a trial methodology for predicting psychosis risk from automated speech analysis.


Stem4 is a basic informational website for adolescents who think they may have issues related to depression, anxiety, disordered eating, or self-harm. Stem4 also is designed for friends, family, and teachers of adolescents with these problems. While it does not provide any direct service or interventions, and relies heavily on links to outside resources, Stem4 may be a good starting place for individuals who are interested in learning more about these disorders and where to begin looking for help. Stem4 was created by developers in the UK, but users from other locations may still find this a helpful resource.


SuicideSafe is an app for behavioral health providers which provides assistance in estimating the risk for suicide. It was created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and is based on the Suicide Assessment Five-step Evaluation and Triage guidelines.
Available on iTunes and Google Play

Electronic case management


Mindoula provides connectivity between case managers and psychiatric patients using phone or in-person meetings or a 24/7 HIPAA-compliant digital platform that includes a smart phone app.
More information on the company site.


ThriveStreams is a remote patient monitoring platform for providers.
More information on the company site.


Wellframe is a care management platform that helps care managers track patients and care goal compliance, and more efficiently manage treatment plans.
More information on the company site.

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