7 Cups of Tea is a website and app for mobile devices that allows users to chat with a trained “active listener” who can provide emotional support. Users can browse the profiles of over 160,000 listeners and choose the one that they prefer. Users can connect with the same listener on an ongoing basis, or choose a different one each time. 7 Cups of Tea also includes a wellness test, mindfulness exercises, and mood-boosting activities. Additionally, users can connect with each other through a variety of chat rooms, including an LGBTQ chat room and a Teen Chat Room. 7 Cups of Tea may be appropriate for users who believe they will benefit from sharing their problems with another person, but who are not currently able to pursue psychotherapy. However, if a user becomes able to begin online therapy, 7 Cups of Tea will match them to an online licensed therapist at a flat weekly fee.

It is important for users to understand that the trained listeners at 7 Cups of Tea are not professionals and are not regulated by any licensing body.