The Mental Health App Guide Designed With You In Mind​

The One Mind PsyberGuide team reviews apps based on the app’s Credibility, User Experience, and Transparency of Privacy Practices.


We look at the research supporting the technology and the credibility of the development process.

User Experience

We explore how fun, functional, easy-to-use, engaging, and interesting the technology is.


We review privacy policies to see if key pieces of information about what happens with entered data are addressed.

App Selection Process

We discover new apps in a number of different ways, including:

  • Research papers and published reviews of apps
  • Searches on Apple and Google Play app stores
  • Trending apps on social media and popular news
  • App developers
  • Through our partner organization & networks

We want to review apps that people are actually using. So when we identify new apps we prioritize apps that have the most user reviews in the Apple and Google Play app stores. This gives us an idea of the apps’ popularity. If you know of an app you would like us to review, you can contact us at

App Scoring