July 13, 2016

PsyberGuide (PG) concluded an agreement with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) today to enhance and improve the unbiased ratings of products listed on the PG website. Researchers at QUT, including Stoyan Stoyanov, have developed and tested the Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS) and have used it in several prior publications seeking to improve quality assessments of health-related mobile apps. Under the terms of the current grant, the QUT team will provide MARS ratings from at least two raters for the products on the PG site. In cases where there is not good agreement between the two raters, a process will be established to achieve a consensus rating. The PG team is confident that the completion of the MARS ratings for all products will help us achieve the goal of providing sufficient detail on all products to inform consumer choice when searching for software and apps related to mental health.